Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The protection of your personal data is of outmost concern to us. By accessing our website you hereby consent that your data will be - partly - stored. All in accordance with the regulations under the Dutch privacy laws. We will not forward under any circumstances any data to third parties, unless forced by law. Note that data provided by you on your own public gallery at is always open to third parties by your own consent.

We will record website usage data such your IP address and details on start, duration and end of each visit to the QdepQ internet sites and our servers through the QdepQ apps. This data cannot be traced back by us to personal data. We will not merge user profiles with personal data under any circumstances.

In cases of bug reports we do store your report along with your account details in order to solve your problem. When you send us a bug-report you automatically grant us permission to store the media file(s) that generated the problem on our computers in order to evaluate the problem. We will remove them when we solved the problem, on your request, or within one a year at maximum.

In case you request information from us by contacting us through the or contact information pages, we do store your request for information along with your email address on our computers.

Cookies are a method to store snippets of QdepQ information on your computer. You can prevent cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser. If you do not sign up or login to our services you do not need them. However, the QdepQ services when you sign-up or login require simple cookies in order to roam flawlessly on your individual account at We do no use tracking cookies such as Google Analytics.

If you have any questions, please contact us.